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Ride Descriptions
Calendar for schedule)

Pace levels

Easy – 10-12 mph       Moderate – 13-14 mph          Cruising – 15-17 mph          Fast – 18+ mph

Level indicates average speed while riding, not counting stops.  Each ride's designated ride leader determines pace and rest stop intervals.  Questions about the pace and difficulty of a particular ride should be directed to its ride leader.

Recreational Ride
- Casual and/or social.  Pace varies from Easy (10-12 mph) to Moderate (13-14 mph).  Riders can expect one or more rest stops, often a meal stop, and distances of 15-30 miles.  The group generally stays together and nobody ever gets dropped.  New riders are welcome and will feel comfortable at this pace.

Road Ride
- Good exercise without having to gasp for air.  Pace varies from Moderate (13-14 mph) to Cruising (15-17 mph).  Distances range from 25-50 miles, and although the group may spread out a little, nobody gets dropped.  The group will wait at lights/intersections, etc. for everyone to regroup, with 1-2 rest stops.          

Training Ride
- Ride at a level that will challenge you to improve fitness and bike skills.   Pace varies from Cruising (15-17 mph) to Fast (18+ mph).  Group will pause at times to allow everyone to regroup, but riders should be comfortable on their own at times.  Distances will range from 30-60 miles, usually with a rest stop.

Endurance Ride
- Longer rides or multi-day events.  Also training for AIDS rides, organized centuries, or other personal-best goals.  Pace varies from Cruising (15-17 mph) to Fast (18+ mph).  Include dual challenge of higher pace and longer saddle time.  Group will pause at times to allow everyone to regroup, but riders should be comfortable on their own at times. Distances will range from 50-90 miles, with occasional rest stops.

Organized Ride
– Area club invitationals offer various distances (typically 25 to 100 mile options) and SAG support with rest stops every 15-20 miles.  WCCC members enjoy riding these events in small groups or solo at their own pace.  Carpooling is often available when needed.  Pace is determined by the participants.

Offroad Ride
– Mountain bike event.  See calendar dates for ride difficulty description.

*WCCC requires all riders to wear an approved helmet, and bikes should be in good repair, equipped with water bottle, pump and spare tube.  No ear devices, please! Members will gladly pitch in if help is needed on a ride.